Susan Allen School of Dance

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2012 Dance Recital
If you misplaced your form,
print one here!

If you would like to pick your pose,
please email me at 
OR text me at 662-614-0491 as soon as possible!


Dance Recital Performance  6:00 p.m.
3 year olds    4 year olds    Kindergarten    1st graders
2nd graders    3rd graders    4th graders   
5th & 6th graders    Grand Finale 

Dance Recital Performance  8:00 p.m.
7th graders    8th graders    Freshmen   
Sophomores    Juniors     Couples
Seniors    Anna's Solo    Kristen's Solo    Grand Finale

Posed Pictures   05-05-12

Kristen    Madyson    Cassie & Samantha    Kali & Courtney
Allie M.    Mallory    Sarah    Madison & Micah    Brianna
Avery    Jordan Hope    Anna Paige    Jayce    Jayce & Ava   Bailey M.


Posed Pictures 05-04-12
Madison & Hallie    Carlee    Lauren    Melissa    Madison
Jenna    Bailey C.    Jenna & Bailey    Marlee Frances    Rachel
Allie & Natalie    Lexie    Emilee & Elizabeth    Adrianna   
Angel    Blake    Taylor Grace    Kellie    Mary Ashton
Ginny    Bayley    Landen    Bayley & Landen    Brandon
Kacey    Haley    Libby    Cassidy