Dance 2019

Susan Allen School of Dance 2019

Recital A
Mame:  A Family Affair    Sing, Sing, Sing    Red-Orange    You Know What
Good Ship Lollipop    Hey, Mama    Woman Up    Meet Avonlea
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star    Lollipop    No Business Like Show Business
Rose Waltz    To the Dreamers    Dance Like Yo' Daddy    Sing
Country Couples    Babe    Runaway Baby    Let's Go    Michael Jackson Tribute   
Shallow    A Friend Like Me    A Million Dreams    Uptown Funk   
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go    Finale

Recital B
Senior Introduction    Mame: A Family Affair    Sing, Sing, Sing    Cringe    Uptown Funk   
Sunnye's Senior Solo    Rose Waltz    Lose Control    Meet Avonlea
Runaway Baby    Lexie's Senior Solo    Country Couples    Dance    Sing
Sound the Alarm    You Say    Michael Jackson Tribute   
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go    The Night We Met    Woman Up   
Decades - Alumni Couples    Sarah's Senior Solo    Emilee's Senior Solo  
 MyCala's Senior Solo    No Business Like Show Business  
A Little Party Never Killed Nobody  Shallow    Beychella
Friend Like Me    Grand Finale    Alumni Showcase

Posed 05-18-19
Emma & Emilee    Rylie-Kate    Sophie
Sunnye Grace    Jordyn
Posed 05-05-19
Blakely   Sadie    Randi Caroline    Beckum Sisters    Micah
Emma Baylee    Aubrie Rose    Tinley    Emma Kate
Aubree C.    Houston Sisters    Serio Sisters    Demi
Hannah H.    Lauren    Branch Sisters    Kali    Hadley
Hattie Grace    Madison J.     Hannah B.    Jessica    Lela Beth
Sheffield Sisters    Krycket    Hayden    Gracee    Emma G.
Marlee    Lili    Bella    Katherine    Alicia    Anna Beth   
McRae Sisters    Murry Catherine    Molly      Bailey  
Madison C.    Lori Lee & Katie    Kaelyn    Groups

Text or email your selections to 662-614-0491 or

Senior Dancers 2019
Group    Emilee    MyCala    Sarah    Lexie

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