2014 Dance Recitals

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Print this Dance Package Form if you need one!
2 5x7s can be substituted for 1 8x10 at you request!

Susan Allen School of Dance  
8:00 P.M. Recital

6:00 P.M. Recital
Cruisin' for a Bruisin'    Love Somebody    Getting to Know You    Big Girl Now
Ordinary Miracles    Good Ship Lollipop    Tiny Ballerinas    Calypso Tap
Bird Catcher's Song    Kiss You    Roar    Rockin' Robin    Twinkle, Twinkle
Brand New Key    Best Song Ever    Positoovity    The Clapping Song
Coffee to Go    American Girl    Hit Me    Space Man
Feed the Birds    B.E.A.T.    Grand Finale

Posed Before Recital  05-10-14
McRae Girls    Murry Catherine    Gracie    Adrianna
Cassie, Sam, & Bella    Caffey Girls    Shelley
Hannah Hayes    Sophia    Bailey & Jenna    Madyson
Mills Girls    Kristen    Anna Paige    Ginny
Couples    Groups    Landen    Bayley    Sarah
Mary & Alaina    Kaitlin    Jayce    Ava & Bailey M.
If you would like to pick your pose,
please text me @ 662-614-0491 or
email me at mailto:bjdees@duckwood.net as soon as possible!

Action Shots coming later in the week!!!

Posed @ Dress Rehearsal
Carlee    Molly    Mary Taylor    Marlee
Katy Kendell & Hannah Hayes    Mary Beth    Anna
Lexie & Sunnye Grace    Taylor & Reagan    Jillian    J, LB, & Mag
Salley Carr & Maggie    Lela    Addison    Hannah H.
Lauren    Allie Kate    Mady    Taylor Grace    Melissa
Emilee    MyCala    Elizabeth    Mia Coy    Kellie    Rachel
Madison    Haley & Riley Beth   Bailey H.    Groups

Groups    Brittany    Faith    Kacey    04-27-14


WCS Dance Recital    05-02-14
Sr Intro "Cup Song" & Parents    "Can't Do it Without You"    K4 Tap

"Parents Just Don't"   2nd Tap        "Whodunit"    6th Jazz
"Breakaway"    3B Ballet    "Can't Help Falling in Love"  K2 Tap
"Ain't Nothin' Wrong"  4th/5th Jazz    "Rise"  K5  Ballet
"Light 'Em Up"  7th/8th  Tap    "Just the Way You Are"  1st  Ballet
"We Own It"  9th  Jazz    "Another One Bites the Dust"  3A Tap
"Go"  10th/11th  Contemporary    "Yeah!"  12th  Hip Hop