2013 Dance
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2 5x7s can be substituted for 1 8x10 at you request!

WCS Dance Recital 
Rock of Ages    05-03-13
K-2 & K-3    K-4    K-5    1st Grade    2nd Grade A
2nd Grade B    3rd & 4th Grade  5th Grade
6th & 7th Grade    8th Grade    9th & 10th Grade   
11th & 12th Grade  Dallas Groups    Grand Finale

Susan Allen School of Dance
 Rock the House     05-04-13
8:00 Recital
Senior Solos
Brittany   Jordan Hope     Kelli    Kelsey  
Lori    Rachel    Regan  
7th Grade    8th Grade    Toe   
Freshmen    Sophomores    Juniors   
Seniors    Grand Finale 

6:00 Recital
K-3    K-4    K-5    1st Grade
2nd Grade    2nd/3rd Grade   
4th Grade    5th/6th Grade    Grand Finale

If you would like to a cd to your order, email me your choices! 
up to 25 images for $35

Posed Photos  05-04-13
Rachel    Faith    Lauren    Caffey Girls    McRae Girls
Jenna & Bailey   Lowery Girls     Mary      Lela      
Ashley    Lexi M.    Melissa     Taylor Grace    Alaina   Sophia   
 Mady C.    Cassie & Sam    Avery     Anna Paige   
Kristen    Blake    Sarah    Ava    Addison M.  
Hill Grands    Allie    Bailey M.    Kacey
Landen   Ginny     Kate Taylor   Kali & Courtney    Jayce   
Dress Rehearsal Posed Photos   05-02-13
Molly  MyCala    Hannah    Murry Catherine    Addison    Carlee
Mia Coy    Haley    Madison H.    Bailey H.    Katy Kendall & Hannah Hayes
Olivia    Sunnye Grace    Mary Claire    Madison C.    Marlee Frances
Lexie R.    Chloe    Irie    Groups


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