2012 City League

Pee Wee Football
Orange vs Red    11-12-12
Orange Team  The Cheerleaders    11-08-12
Red vs Maroon    Orange vs Navy  11-08-12

Maroon Team    Red Team    Emilee   11-06-12
Orange vs Maroon    Red vs Navy     11-06-12
Navy Team  The Cheerleaders    10-29-12
Maroon vs Navy        Orange vs Red    10-29-12
The Action    The Cheerleaders  10-23-12
Daphne's Cheer Squad        Deanna's Cheer Squad    10-22-12
Cheerleaders    Navy vs Orange    6:00 Game  10-22-12
Cheerleaders    Red vs Maroon    7:00 Game 10-22-12
Blue vs Red    Cheerleaders     6:00 Game  10-16-12
Orange vs Maroon     Cheerleaders    7:00 Game  10-16-12

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World Series
Grenada Titans   07-22-12
 State Tournament 

12's Winona vs Horn Lake        12's Vardaman vs Oxford    07-08-12
BCP Winona vs Starkville    10's Winona vs Calhoun City    07-06-12
12's Vardaman vs Southaven    12's Winona vs Mihendra   07-05-12
Columbus vs Louisville  07-01-12
11's Winona vs Grenada    11's Winona vs Columbus   06-30-12
Girls Coach Pitch     11's Winona vs Greenwood   06-29-12
Girls Coach Pitch      11's Baseball      10's Fastpitch   06-28-12

All-Star Team & Individuals
Girls Coach Pitch    10's Fastpitch
Boys Coach Pitch    10's Baseball
11's Baseball    12's Baseball


Park 06-07-12
Girls Coach Pitch
Ware Const vs Crossroads Lions   Bank of Kilmichael vs R&R Const
10's BB    Clearview Construction
12's BB    Deweese vs Bank of Kilmichael

Team & Individuals 06-07-12
BCP - Anel        Tee Ball - Sonic        Tee Ball - Anel        Buddy Ball - Gold
Tee Ball - Winona Stockyard        Tee Ball - Austin Automotive
12's BB - Deweese Title Loans        12's FP - Deweese Title Loans

10's FP    Bank of Winona
BCP    Anel vs Farm Bureau

Team & Individuals  06-04-12
10's FP - Bank of Winona        BCP - Farm Bureau        Buddy Ball - Red
Buddy Ball - Purple        Tee Ball - TSC Racing
Buddy Ball - Light Blue/Orange        10's FP - D&K Cleaners

10's FP    D&K Cleaners
BCP    Farm Bureau    Hi-Grade

Team & Individuals  06-01-12
GCP - Crossroads Lions        12's BB - Bank of Kilmichael        10's BB - Super Valu
GCP - Ware Construction         GCP - Bank of Kilmichael        GCP - R&R Construction

Park  05-29-12
Team & Individuals  05-29-12
10's BB - Clearview Construction        10's BB - Screw Conveyor
Girls Coach Pitch
    Crossroads Lions vs Ware Construction
 Girls Coach Pitch   R&R Construction vs Bank of Kilmichael
10's Baseball    Super Valu vs Clearview Construction

10's Baseball  Super Valu vs Screw Conveyor

Park  05-28-12
Team & Individuals  05-28-12

BCP - Hi-Grade
Tee Ball
    Sonic vs TSC Racing    Austin Automotive vs Anel
Boys Coach Pitch    Farm Bureau vs Hi-Grade

Park  05-24-12
Tee Ball
    TSC Racing vs Winona Stockyard
Boys Coach Pitch    Hi-Grade vs Anel    Farm Bureau
10's Fast Pitch    Bank of Winona vs D&K Cleaners

Park  05-22-12
10's BB
    Screw Conveyor
Girls Coach Pitch
    Ware Construction vs R&R Construction

Park  05-21-12
Buddy Ball
    Light Blue vs Red    Gold vs Purple
Tee Ball
    Winona Stockyard vs Austin Automotive    Anel vs Sonic
Boys Coach Pitch
    Hi-Grade    Hi-Grade vs Bank of Kilmichael
12's Fast Pitch

Park  05-17-12
Buddy Ball
     Red vs Gold     Purple vs Lt Blue
Tee Ball    Anel vs TSC Racing    Sonic vs Winona Stockyard
Boys Coach Pitch    Farm Bureau

Park 05-15-12
GCP R&R Construction vs Crossroads Lions    GCP  Ware Construction
10s BB  Super Valu    12s BB Bank of Kilmichael

Park 05-11-12
GCP Bank of Kilmichael vs Ware Construction   
12's BB Bank of Kilmichael vs Deweese    10's BB Super Valu vs Screw Conveyor

Park 04-13-12

10's BB Super Valu vs Clearview Construction

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Travel Ball Tournament    03-11-12
Travel Ball Tournament    03-10-12
Pee Wee Basketball    02-28-12


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