2011 Dance Recitals
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Elizabeth Claire      Natalie      06-04-11
Renee Holman School of Dance
"On Broadway"   May 6, 2011

Opening        Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend (B)   
 The Theme from New York New York (I)            Wings (D)        Dreamgirls (C)       
The Rhythm of the Night (G)        I See the Light  (F)            Little Shop of Horrors (E)       
Singing in the Rain (K)          Seasons of Love  (H)                Broadway Baby (A)       
How to Believe (B)        Overture  (J)        All That Jazz  (L)
At the Ballet  (C)        Ease on Down the Road  (D)          The Pink's in Town  (G)
 Listen  (K)        Party Up  (I)        Tomorrow  (A)        Baby That's Rock and Roll (F)       
You Can't Stop the Beat  (H)        Make You Feel My Love  (G)       
Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile  (E)                 I Will Always Love You  (L)
Baby  (A)        Out Here On My Own  (J)        Teach Me How to Shimmy  (B) 
 Hallelujah  (F)        Born This Way  (H)        I'm a Believer  (E)      
 Supercalifragilistcexpialidocious  (D)        Fame (Dallas Group)       
Carwash (C)        There's a Place for Us  (I)        Lady Marmalade  (L)
Shawty Got Moves  (J & K)        Grand Finale

Susan Allen School of Dance
Bright Lights, Big City    April 30, 2011  6 p.m.

Grand Entrance      Preschool    Pink      Aqua      Royal Blue      Pink Polka Dots
1st & 2nd Grade         2nd & 3rd Grade      3rd & 4th Grade
4th & 5th Grade     6th Grade     Grand Finale

Bright Lights, Big City    April 30, 2011  8 p.m.
Grand Entrance        Seniors 1         Seniors 2        Seniors 3
Senior Solos
Erin        Jennifer        Julia        Kelsey       
Kristen        Meredith        Rachelle        Shay
7th Grade            8th Grade            9th Grade         
 Toe       10th & 11th Grade     Grand Finale

Posed Pictures    04-28-11
Kristen        Allie & Natalie        Jordan Hope        Rachel  M.      Brittany        Bayley C.
Landon        Ginny        Tiffany        Kellie F.       Mary Ashton         Kaitlin        Regan        Rehearsal
Lori & Brittany

Posed Pictures    04-29-11
Melissa        MyCala        Jamee Cate        Hannah A.        Emilee        Taylor        Caylon
Ava        Alison        Murry Catherine        Caroline       
Katy Kendell & Hannah Hayes        Carlee        Hannah S.        Blake & Olivia       
Taylor Grace        Mia Coy        Angel        Molly        Macy        Haley

Posed Pictures   04-30-11  
Bella & Noah        Lexie        Madyson       Rachel V.        Elizabeth        Bailey H.
Zoey        McRae Girls        Jenna        Bailey C.        Sarah        Kristen
Amy Clair        Anna Paige        Brianna        Lillie Kate        Cassie
Madison & Hallie        Alexis        Madison M.        Sharon        Dana Clair        Jayce       
Kacey        Cassidy        Keeley       The Wares     Bailey M. & Family

Senior Dancers  04-17-11
Group    Erin   Jennifer   Julia   Kelsey
  Kristen   Meredith    Rachelle   Shay 

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