2010 Dance
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If you want to pick your pose, please email me your pose # and the sizes that you want with each pose. 
Remember that if you do not want an 8x10, you can get 2 5x7s instead! 
Email your choices to
bjdees@duckwood.net  Thanks so much!  Becky

Dancing Through The Decades  8:00 Recital
Senior Solos
Faith    Anna    Regan    Lauren    Carlie    Lura
Senior Dances
Dancing Queen    Send in the Clowns    Evacuate the Dance Floor    Goodbye    Dance

Couples        Juniors    
9th & 10th Grade      7th & 8th Grade      Grand Finale

Dancing Through The Decades  6:00 Recital
  Claire's Grands   2 year olds    3 year olds     4 year olds    Kindergarten/1st Grade
1st/2nd Grade    2nd Grade    3rd & 4th Grade    5th Grade    6th Grade    Grand Finale

Posed Pictures  05-08-10      
McRae Girls    Rana Paige    Anna Paige    Sarah M.    Brianna
Keeley    Faith, Jayce, & Lillie    Jayce    Rachel M.   
Cale    Faith
If you don't see your group, feel free to pick one from the action shots that you like! 
Just make sure to note the date and the photo #!
Action shots will be online as soon as possible!!  Thanks for your patience!! 

Posed Pictures  05-07-10 
Callie    Natalie K.   Jamee Cate    Jenna    Bailey C.    Madison    Molly  Amy Clair  Harlee
Hannah A.    Taylor Grace    Alison    Hannah H.     Angel    Natalie & Allie
Rachael V.    Melissa    Kara    Kristen S.    Jordan Hope    Allie M.    Irie
Mary Ashton    Ryan & Shay    Brittany    Haley    Lori    Lakin    Erin
Cassidy    Kelsey    Allyn Claire    Olivia & Alaina    Kellie F.    Ava    Kelli & Brady
Julia    Landen    Bayley C.   Ginny    Morgan Taylor     Caitlyn     Carlie L.    
Posed Pictures  05-04-10
Alexis        Mackenzie
Posed Pictures  05-02-10
Katy Kendell     Caroline    Regan       Kelli H.   Carlie    The Caffey Girls
Courtney & Kali    Emilee    Bailey H.    Lura
Posed Pictures 05-01-10
Elizabeth    Brantley    Kacey & Kristen    Anna    Meredith    Kristen R.
Jennifer    Lillie Kate    Regan & McKenzie    Bella    MyCala    Kelsey H.


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