2008 Weddings
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Megan & Cody  12-27-08
The Couple        Family     The Wedding Party
The Ceremony      The Reception     Candid Shots

JoBeth & Mitch  12-13-08
The Couple        Family       The Wedding Party
The Ceremony      The Reception    Candid Shots

Brandon & Danielle  12-06-08
The Ceremony       The Couple
The Wedding Party       The Reception

Angelia & Baldwin  11-29-08
The Ceremony          The Couple          
The Wedding Party      The Reception   With Uncle

Angela & William  11-01-08
Getting Ready   The Ceremony         The Couple
The Wedding Party    The Reception    Dancing   Candids    Leaving

Jane Claire & Chris   09-27-08
  Getting Ready     The Ceremony   The Reception   The Couple    
Family & Friends        Signs of the South

Tabbie & Glenn  08-30-08
The Ceremony    The Reception    Family & Friends

Con'Tassa & Phillips  07-05-08
The Ceremony      The Reception     Candids
The Couple      The Wedding Party

Valerie & Ron     05-31-08
The Ceremony        The Reception     Going Away
The Couple       The Wedding Party        Candids

Camelia & Jeremy   04-05-08
The Ceremony        The Wedding Party    The Reception       
The Couple         Family & Friends        Cute Kids
They're Gone!       It's All in the Details!

Suzanne & Michael  03-29-08
The Ceremony      The Reception      They're Gone!
The Couple      Reception Candids       Family & Friends   

Wendy & Lonnie   02-10-08
The Couple       The Family     
The Ceremony       The Reception   



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